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Alison Bunde

Founder of Olive and Penelope and the heart and creativity that keeps Olive and Penelope growing!

Where Olive and Penelope Came From

I have always found a sense of purpose in the kitchen, enjoying the process of learning how to make kitchen staples and dishes using a few ingredients (even better when I can find them locally and organically made). When my children were young, events happened that influenced our daily life and inspired me to look at how food is made and where our ingredients come from. I watched documentaries, read books, attended panel discussions, and experimented in the kitchen in an attempt to make food that was delicious, satiating, and healthy. There was so much failure. Cooking and baking are not a one and done type win for me. It seems as though the kitchen HAD to get very dirty while the food would, often times, turn out terrible (gnocchi is not something I'm great at making), the ingredients would be wasted (attach a feeling of guilt because wasted ingredients means wasted money), and some of my contributions to family holiday meals didn't make it to the sharing table. Nonetheless, when life presents a challenge, when I read a new cookbook,or after talking with my aunt I find myself back in the kitchen for another attempt. I get nervous at trying something new, and simultaneously there is a sense of satisfaction, vitality, and wonder that both motivates and soothes me. My sweet tooth has been around for as long as I can remember. It seems a natural step that this goal would expand to desserts. Years ago, I got the urge to go out on my own, to build a food-based business that gave me the privilege of forming relationships with local farmers and fellow entrepreneurs which would allow me to use their ingredients in my products. This dream had to wait many years as I raised children and continued to teach in the public schools. In my dream the confections and desserts I made would contain the very least amount of ingredients with the very best quality, ensuring that the final product would be one that I was proud to serve, talk about, and share with customers and those I love. After much trial and error, time, and taste testing (I have honest family and friends which I am grateful for), Olive and Penelope was created for real. These days I work out of a shared kitchen in Mesa, AZ using just a few ingredients to curate chocolate goods. I hope our paths will cross someday! If you stop by our booth at a pop up or if you receive an Olive and Penelope gift, or if you purchase one of our products in a store...I hope you'll say hello, send an email, or give us a call.

Emerson Korn

Graphic Designer, Web Developer, and Social Media Expert at Olive and Penelope. He works with Olive and Penelope but also happily works with other clients. If you need help with your website or any Graphic Design projects feel free to reach out at the oliveandpenelopeaz Instagram!